Super Brando(J-7)

Brando M. is the youngest and last member of the Mario Bros and a main hero in the series.


Brando was a genetic Mario clone created by Ludwig to orignally thwart Mario and his allies. When he was about to kill the heroes, Peach gave a speech that opened his eyes and made him fight on the side of good. After the Dimensional Rift War, we began to get into his real personailty,


Brando's original traits were to be loyal and a sort of servant to Mario and Luigi. After the Dimensional Rift War and the Bowser Saga began, his personality began to show. His overall personality consists of being a brave, strong man who will do anything he can to help a situation. In Episode 10, he teases Luigi in the beginning, showing him to be quite immature and shows he has an intrest in messing with the bros. as actual brothers do. He's very smart and optomistic, and tries to be strong for his older brothers.

Powers and AbilitesEdit

Brando can do just about anything his brothers can do, except shoot fireballs at will. No, in parallel, he shoots iceballs. He is the fastest of the Mario Bros. and the most aglie. One thing the creator can not about Brando is he can only shoot fireballs when he's in his fire form, and he can barely stay in that form as long as his brohters...Being an incomplete clone, he was originally supposed to look like a more buffer, taller version of Mario. Besides that, he can fire and create water/ice and can mainpulate it to his very whim.