Buttercup(J-7 and G-5)

Buttercup is the middle member of the PowerPuff Girls and by far the toughest.(Tough and strong are different)

Universe J-7 BiologyEdit

She and her sisters were created to destroy the Cousin Trio, but Utonium lost his memory and raised them on the good side. Years went by and finally he regained his memory and brainwashed them. The girls then proceeded on doing his bidding and clearing his name. Soon enough, the RowdyRuff Boys and the Marios defeated them time and time again.

After the PPNKGs were beaten, she and her sisters, along with Townsville were brought back to life once again with the seven dragonballs. Having no father or relative to go to, as Utonium was still dead and Plutonium had turned over a new leaf, the PowerPuff Girls all began to live with Ms. Keane and went back to the good ways.

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