Opressor Plutonium is a minor villain in the PPnK Saga. He's the ONLY villain that's only appeared 3 episodes.


Opressor Plutonium is eerily polite, despite being even twice as cruel and calculating than Utonium. He appears to be insane, trying to destroy the whole world along with himself on numerous occasions by creating the PowerPunk Girls.

Creating the GirlsEdit

During the 18 months of peace in between the Fall of the Death Egg and the Rise of the PowerPunks, Plutonium came across Utonium's burn and bloddy remains in space and began to reconstruct him. After three months, he was back and ready for more revenge. Forming a truce with his younger brother, Plutonium helped reconstruct the PPGs, but to him t wasn't enough. He then began creating the PowerPunk Girls, who surpassed the PowerPuff Girls in every way possible.