The PowerPunk Girls as the appear in the series...

The PowerPunk Girls are the main antagonists of the PPNKG Saga. They're never seen in their respective series, but in this universe, their born with pure evil. They're a group of evil, genecidal and junky pre-teenaged girls who all share the same desire as the Androids from Future Trunks' time: To have fun slowly conquering the Earth.

The PunksEdit

Each girl has their own similarity to one of the Androids. Berserk and 16 share a passion to finish their motives, Brat and 18 share the same fashion sense, and Brute and 17 share the same cocky and laid-back sense to control the situation.

Berserk Plutonium: The leader. She's the brains and the boss of the group. Berserk is prideful, sarcasstic and irresponsible all at the same time. Her strategies and tactics are what make her a deadly foe.

Brat Plutonium: The sassy dummy of the group. She may seem innocent, but is a lethal, fast-talking diva when she's angry. Brat is rowdy, obnoxious and naive all together, and never cries.

Brute Plutonium: The brawn of the group. She's violent and deadly in battle, making her a very scary foe. Brute is gross, cruel and ruthless all combined. She keeps you around if you're worth her time.


  1. The Girls all appear to be 11 when they're born, even though all Puffs are born 5.
  2. Brute may curse a lot when mad, showing to be Butch's counterpart.
  3. Berserk is usually the one to get her sisters on track and tell them what to do, as do Blossom and Brick.
  4. Brat may be shown to be a little more tilted towards Bubbles' side, since she's noted to be dumber than Boomer.
  5. All three girls have different outfits.
  6. The girls are the reason for Plutonium's death.
  7. They all have that Saiyan thrill to fight, seeing how they make good opponents go back and get stronger.
  8. They resemble Cell, as they hold cells of the X-Fighters and the Saiyan Shadows.
  9. Brat is scheduled to cry for the first time in the series, after being beaten by SSJ Boomer.